2011 Awareness Initiatives

The problem: The reactions to our 2010 mission and its success confirmed what we knew: increased awareness and education are vital for MS, and there is a huge need to do more

Our 2010 mission was very successful. And it could have been just a one-time event.

But its success only confirmed the need for more awareness and education, and the inability of MS organizations to capture the public's attention.

The most frequent question we heard during or 31 country journey was "Why MS? What is so special about it?" Journalists and regular people alike just don't know much about MS, if anything.

Many have been so inspired by our 2010 mission, that they asked us to continue to help.

The solution: Continue to deploy our new, exciting brand of awareness

Topping our 2010 mission is a tall order. But then many did not believe our 2010 mission will ever become reality.

We will continue rely on our creativity and fresh thinking, and have a few plans on the table for our main 2011 awareness initiative.

All we can say is that it will certainly involve ... flying. When we have decided on a plan we will make it public. Until then, stay tuned ...

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