Fly for MS: mission

Fly for MS's dual principal goals are to raise global awareness for, and educate about, Multiple Sclerosis while at the same time bringing much-needed hope and inspiration to those living with MS.

We intend on reaching these goals relying on our much higher ability, as compared with traditional MS-focused organizations, to draw public attention and instill a breath of fresh, exciting air into the MS movement. At the same time, we will use the interactive nature of our initiatives to bring people with MS into our events and help them find joy and happiness.

Awareness and education are crucial to increase and expand support for any cause. Furthermore, our extensive prior interactions with the MS community showed that increased awareness and education would greatly improve the lives of people living with MS. But while these have been identified as crucial goals by MS advocates and organizations they are precisely the ones they had most difficulty in reaching.

Increased awareness and education will lead to more financial support for MS. Additionally, it will help in areas specifically important for people living with MS, such as access o treatment, employment, support services, and societal attitudes.

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