Setting up Moldova's MS organization

The problem: Moldova does not have an MS organization, and asked us to help set one up

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Ludmila, 19, vividly described the challenges in dealing with her MS in a TV program focused on our mission

Why should we help?

Moldova is the poorest country in Europe, by a wide margin

  • Moldova's GDP per capita is only $2,959. This is 16 times lower than that of the U.S. ($47,123) and 19 lower than that of Norway ($55,727)*
  • Even Africa's average GDP per capita ($3,951) is 33% higher than Moldova's*

Moldova is the only European country without an MS organization

  • The debilitating, chronic nature of MS makes an MS organization crucial in helping those affected by the disease.
  • National MS organizations play a very important role, such as providing support and guidance, ensuring access to proper treatment, and representing the MS community in discussions with government bodies.

Government and health officials asked Fly for MS for help

  • In meetings with the Ministry of Health and the leadership of the Neurological Hospital, we proposed the creation of an MS organization
  • The Minister of Health agreed this is needed and asked for our help, as the country lacks both the needed funds and expertise

The solution: Help Moldova set up an MS organization

Moldova's Health Minister & Fly for MS play video

The Minister of Health, the head of the Neurological Hospital, and the Fly for MS team

Fly for MS on Moldova's main TV station play video

Talking about MS on a popular morning show

Our meetings in Moldova made it clear that the responsible parties understand the need to do more for those with MS. Moreover, our stop in Chisinau sparked such an interest in learning about MS that Moldova's main TV station had a special live, our hour program about our mission and MS.

But Moldova needs two things: expertise and start-up funds, and with your support we will help them with both:

  • Expertise: we are working with the MS International Federation (MSIF) and some of the experienced National MS organizations on exchange programs and knowledge transfer
  • Funds: we are relying on your donations to raise funds at least enough to help Moldova get its MS organization off the ground. The use of funds will be overseen in conjunction with the MSIF
*GDP per capita figures: 2010, International Monetary Fund