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Total Funds Raised in 2010






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Note: In 2010 we raised $1,021 per day during the 90-day period in which we fundraised

About our sponsors


Over 20 airports provided us significant financial support, which we conservatively estimate at $7,800. Considering ours a humanitarian flight, these airports waived landing, navigation, and other fees, hosted us at no charge, or offered us fuel discounts.

Their support was not only financial, but logistical too, and it adds to the tremendous support we have received from the aviation community, without which our challenging and complex mission would have been significantly more difficult and expensive to carry out

These airports include:

Cadwalader Jeppesen Info-Auto Cepsa
Volkl MAFRA Romania
K2 Fratelli Bucharest Lightspeed Trukish MS Society
Teva Romania Romanian MS SOciety Provocateur NY Global Trip Support Communique Romania Norway MS Society Dutch MS Society