Written media

Fly for MS has been covered by over 50 traditional newspapers and over 100 online publications, ranging from general interest titles to health, adventure, aviation and travel titles, including front-page and full-page features.

Below, we are including just a selection of the written coverage in 9 different languages. We cannot list all the coverage receive, as our first major newspaper article alone, in The Wall Street Journal, has been re-published in more than 10 other print publications and countless online ones, and a Google search for "Fly for MS" returns 48,500 hits.

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The Wall Street Journal Wall Street Journal
New York, U.S.
Huffington Post Huffington Post
New York, U.S.
Suddeutsche Zeitung Suddeutsche Zeitung
Munich, Germany
Surrey Mirror Surrey Mirror
London, UK
La Vanguardia La Vanguardia
Barcelona, Spain
Libertatea, Romania Libertatea
Bucharest, Romania
Estonia Kronika
Tallinn, Estonia
Correio de manha, Portugal Correio de manha
Lisbon, Portugal
Rogolands Avis, Norway Rogolands Avis
Stavanger, Norway
Morgunbladid, Iceland Morgunbladid
Reykjavik, Iceland
Gazete Star, Istanbul Gazete Star
Istanbul, Turkey
Unica, Romania Unica
Bucharest, Romania
Raul Mee, Estonia Raul Mee
Tallinn, Estonia
The Examiner The Examiner
Chicago, U.S.
Boas Noticias, Portugal Boas Noticias
Lisbon, Portugal
Reuters Reuters