The reaction to our mission? Enthusiastic. Emotional. Overwhelming.

Imagine an 84-year old lady having her hair done to meet Fly for MS. Imagine kids wearing national costumes waiting with balloons. Imagine twenty people waiting past midnight, with big smiles on their faces when Fly for MS landed with a delay of several hours.

But Andrei and Keith are not celebrities, and Fly for MS was a previously unknown, small organization. So why has the little plane's arrival stirred such a response everywhere? The answer is simple: people with MS felt that for once others cared, and for them that means hope. Hope that they and MS will be better understood, that others will join the fight against the disease, that perhaps their fight with MS will get easier.

Welcomed us in national costumes

Fly for MS: Slovakia Slovakia

National Air Force hosts us

Fly for MS: Portugal Portugal

Health minister, neurologists greet us

Fly for MS: Moldova Moldova

Waiting past mid-night to fly

Fly for MS: Romania Romania

Rented a bus to fit all wanting to fly

Fly for MS: Estonia Estonia

84 year old has hair done to meet us

Fly for MS: Iceland Iceland

The smile map

  • U.S. - Chicago: National MS Society Annual Conference

    Chicago Chicago More >
  • U.S. - New York: First day of the mission

    New York More >
  • ICELAND - Reykjiavik

    Iceland More >
  • NORWAY - Stavanger

    Norway More >
  • DENMARK - Tistrup

    Denmark More >
  • DENMARK - Copenhagen

    Denmark More >
  • ESTONIA - Talin: Baltic MS Conference

    Estonia Estonia More >
  • RUSSIA - Saint Petersburg

    Russia More >
  • MOLDOVA - Chisinau: Helping set up an MS organization

    Moldova Moldova More >
  • ROMANIA - Iasi

    Romania More >
  • ROMANIA - Bucharest

    Romania More >
  • POLAND - Warsaw

    Poland More >
  • CZECH Republic - Prague: National MS day

    Czech Czech More >
  • ROMANIA - Sibiu: National MS Conference

    Romania Romania More >
  • SLOVAKIA - Martin: Young people with MS Conference

    Slovakia Slovakia More >
  • CROATIA - Zagreb: National MS Day

    Croatia Croatia More >
  • TURKEY: Istanbul: Raising support for a new MS treatment center

    Turkey Turkey More >
  • AUSTRIA - Vienna

    Austria More >
  • ITALY - Milan

    Italy More >
  • GERMANY - Munich

    Germany More >
  • SWEDEN - Goteborg: MS International Federation Annual Board Meeting

    Sweden Sweden More >
  • NETHERLANDS - Amsterdam

    Netherlands More >
  • NETHERLANDS - Amsterdam

    Netherlands More >
  • BELGIUM - Brussels

    Belgium More >
  • SPAIN - Barcelona

    Spain More >
  • SPAIN - Madrid

    Spain More >
  • PORTUGAL - Lisbon

    Portugal More >
  • PORTUGAL - Covilha: flying MS patients to treatment

    Portugal More >
  • IRELAND - Dublin

    Ireland More >
  • UK - London

    UK More >

The joy and happiness

Flying in a small plane is perhaps the ultimate freedom, a freedom most of us take for granted.

But for those with MS this freedom contrasts dramatically with the limitations they face daily. For most, flying - and some actually piloting the plane, was something they could not even dare to dream at. Many face extraordinary challenges even flying aboard large commercial jets.

For those with MS the joy of flying, something exhilarating to most of us, meant a lot more ... Their smiles say more about what they felt than any words ever could.

Denmark Denmark
Netherlands Netherlands
Norway Norway
Czech Rep Czech Republic
Turkey Turkey
Austria Austria
Poland Poland
Ireland Ireland
Sweden Sweden
Italy Italy
U.S. U.S.
Spain Spain
Germany Germany
Croatia Croatia
Slovakia Slovakia
Portugal Portugal
Moldova Moldova
Romania Romania
Estonia Estonia
Iceland Iceland
Russia Russia
Sweden Sweden
Netherlands Netherlands


An impact much deeper than the smiles

For many flying touched deeper chords. To some it brought back the days when they were like most of us. For others the experience helped them forget MS and their challenges, in many cases bringing joy to the entire family. And for all, the flight - both with its symbolism as well as its actual excitement, will remain a moment that will bring back a smile and ease the daily fight with MS, even if just for a fleeting second.

"Waiting to fly with you, I forgot about MS for the first time in 30 years"

Fly for MS: Slovakia Peter Jarabak - Slovakia

"We'll never forget this trip! My 2-year old points to the sky, saying 'more!'"

Denmark Heidi Pedersen - Denmark

"Experiencing the freedom of flying was ... immeasurable!"

U.S. Eric Powel - U.S.

"Thank you for showing we are not so different. We can be happy too!"

Fly for MS: Moldova Ludmila - Moldova

"You made MS look hip, cool, and happening!"

Fly for MS: Netherlands Reni de Boer - Netherlands

"You helped me talk about MS with my friends. Thank you!"

Poland Piotr Gołębiowski - Poland


Visiting MS treatment centers

The Fly for MS mission was not just about attracting attention to MS and bringing hope to those suffering from it. It was also about learning first-hand about the MS communities in each country, about the local MS organizations and the support they provide, and about what the biggest needs are in each of the countries visited.

This unique, first-hand experience, with 30 national MS organizations lead to the initiatives Fly for MS is working on currently. More on our programs here »

Fly for MS: Portugal Portugal
Fly for MS: Moldova Moldova
Fly for MS: Spain Spain
Fly for MS: Iceland Iceland